Nations across the European Union have been at the forefront of deployment and exploitation of open data for many years. The diversity of approaches and experiences in European Member States, in the public, but also, though predominantly on a consumer side, in the private sector, provides a rich body of knowledge for those seeking to understand the field in greater detail.  
Open data is a broad and multidisciplinary topic, encompassing not only technology, but also a wide range of societal, business, and policy aspects. Consequently, it must be studied from multiple perspectives, and at varying levels of granularity. Notable work has been conducted exploring the economic and social potential of open data (Deloitte, 2012; Manyika, 2013) while others have examined the availability of key data sets in open form, the structural readiness of nations in exploiting the benefits of these, and the impacts such actions are having (Davies, 2013).  
Below you can find articles tha may help you to get a better understanding about open data basics.

Further references can be found here: OpenDataMonitor Project - Shared References