The European Dashboard

The European Dashboard gives you an overview of the countries’ overall results.

European Dashboard

Spain started its national portal in 2011. Currently, the OpenDataMonitor includes over 46 Spanish catalogues. Besides the national catalogue catalogues of autonomous communities like Andalucía, Aragón, Catalunya, the Basque country and city catalogues for instance of Gijón, Barcelona and Madrid are monitored.

Country Overview


Overall, Spain ranks in the upper quarter of countries in the OpenDataMonitor. The country performs very well in regard to licenses with a share of 68% of open licenses. About the half of the datasets are machine-readable and have metadata completeness.


Catalogue Profile Aragón

The OpenDataMonitor also allows for an in-depth analysis of individual catalogues.

Catalogue Overview

Catalogue Overview

The autonomous community of Aragón, for example, has a fairly large catalogue with a relatively high number of unique publishers and 100% open licenses.


Advanced Search

The OpenDataMonitor allows to search for datasets based on for example the license, publisher and tags provided.

Advanced Search of Datasets

Advanced Search of Datasets

This can be done within a single catalogue or country, but also across catalogues. Thereby you can detect datasets with shared properties on a European scale. You want to find datasets with a common license, in a specific format on a particular topic? Go ahead, at


Comparison & Benchmarking

The OpenDataMonitor supports a comparison and benchmarking tool. You choose the countries you want to compare and benchmark their overall results or select individual catalogues. Furthermore, you can specify certain time periods if you want to restrict your comparison to datasets provided within a specific time frame.

Comparing the similarly large catalogues of the three Spanish autonomous communities of Aragón, Catalonia and the Basque country illustrates that Catalonia is strong in machine-readability, the Basque country achieves a high result in metadata completeness. Aragón has the largest number of datasets and distributions and is strong in open licenses.

You want to compare other catalogues or countries? Go to to make your choice.


*Please mind that the shown data may have changed in the meantime.


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Flyer Showcase Spain (English)

Flyer Showcase Spain (English)

Flyer Showcase Spain (Spanish)

Flyer Showcase Spain (Spanish)