Exploring the European Open Data Landscape

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The European Dashboard gives you an overview of all the countries with the number of harvested catalogues. Further catalogues are added constantly. If you know an important catalogue that is missing, please look at the catalogue registration to see if it is pending or how you can add it.

Home - European Dashboard

Home – European Dashboard


The European Dashboard illustrates how many catalogues have been harvested in each country. On the bottom you can activate and deactivate various analytics, the distribution size, the shares of open licenses, machine-readable data sets, open access and open metadata.


European Dashboard Selection

On the right side of the page you can also find the total numbers for all the metrics. If you scroll further down you see graphs for all these metrics for each country and an overall score and you can sort the countries depending on their score for each metric.


European Dashboard – Metrics

To better understand how this score and the other metrics are calculated you can go to the methodology section of the OpenDataMonitor.

Exploring a Country’s Open Data Landscape in Detail

If you want to explore the results for a specific country in more detail, simply click on the map and you are forwarded to this country’s dashboard. The country dashboard gives you an overview of the country’s overall score and the different metrics.

Country Overview

Country Overview

Further down you see an illustration of how each catalogue performs. By moving your cursor over each catalogue you see the graph for this catalogue that illustrates for example the share of open licenses in this catalogue. At the bottom of the page you also find the basic numbers.

Country Overview - Catalogue Metrics

Country Overview – Catalogue Metrics

Exploring a Catalogue in Detail

Clicking on a catalogue you are forwarded to the catalogue dashboard. You see which platform it is based on and search the catalogue for datasets based on for example the license, publisher and tags provided.

Catalogue Overview

Catalogue Overview

With a click on the Dataset button on the upper right you are forwarded to the list of datasets in the catalogue. You now can narrow down the search for datasets according to your selection criteria by simply entering them in the fields.

Catalogue Profile

Catalogue Profile

The license and category entries of each dataset have been harmonised and mapped. These mappings are based on a categorization that has been developed within the OpenDataMonitor project. If you are interested in how it works and how you can improve it, go to the Harmonizing Metadata manual.

*Please mind that the shown data may have changed in the meantime.


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