Comparison and Benchmarking

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The OpenDataMonitor provides you with the opportunity to compare and benchmark different countries or catalogues of your choice. By clicking on Open Data Benchmarking, you are forwarded to the comparison and benchmarking tool.



In the left column you can make your selection. You choose the countries you want to compare and benchmark their overall results or select from the country’s catalogues, if you want to compare single catalogues.

Benchmark - Selection

Benchmark – Selection

You can benchmark based on various different metrics that are currently supported. We are constantly improving the OpenDataMonitor and if you want to suggest improvements or additions, please contact us. The different metrics focus on quantity of the data provided as well as the quality. They cover aspects like licenses, formats and metadata. For example, you can compare the share of open licenses in catalogues. You can make the comparison based on a number of metrics of your choice, thereby tailoring the benchmark to what you are specifically interested in.


Benchmark – Country Comparison

Based on the choices you make, you see various visualisations of the results in the main part of the page. On the upper right, you see the overall results of all selected catalogues or countries. For example you can see below three catalogues which achieve a quite similar overall score, with Aragon having the highest score and Catalunya making significant progress recently.

Benchmark - Catalogue Comparision

Benchmark – Catalogue Comparision

Further down, you can see the results for the various metrics in regard to quality and quantity. Moving your cursor over the graphs, you see how each catalogue performs in this category. While Catalunya is strong in machine-readability, the Basque country achieves a high result in open formats and distribution size and Aragon has the largest number of datasets and distributions and is strong in open licenses.

Benchmark - Catalogue Comparison Metric

Benchmark – Catalogue Comparison Metric


The comparison and benchmark tool of the OpenDataMonitor is connected with its reporting tool. Thus, you can also generate a report based on your selection and share it with others, download as a PDF or download the data.

Benchmark - Report

Benchmark – Report

*Please mind that the shown data may have changed in the meantime.


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