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All the APIs we use for the demonstration site are also available to the public. They provide access to the metadata records themselves or compute various pre-defined aggregated metrics. These are the very same APIs we use for the OpenDatamonitor demonstration site. The APIs are listed at http://odmapi.magellan.imis.athena-innovation.gr/api/v1.0/_commands

API Example

API Example

In total, we offer more than 50 different pre-defined aggregated metrics. These range from the proportion of data file links that are broken for each catalogue, the mean distribution size, the proportion of distributions in a machine-readable file format to the frequency of distributions with an open license. Thus, you can obtain information about the catalogues themselves as well as the data they contain.

In order to get more detailed information about what exactly each API contains and how the metrics are measured and calculated, look into the methodology section of the demonstration site or into the extensive report that describes the APIs and metrics.

*Please mind that the shown data may have changed in the meantime.


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Additional Information

Find all relevant information on the OpenDataMonitor API here.